Indigo by Avue is a native federal platform specifically designed to ensure that its federal agency customers are automatically compliant with federal regulations, including classification, the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, the Merit System, veterans’ preference, delegated examining, and all hiring regulations including direct hire.


Indigo’s artificial intelligence and robotic process automation increase the accuracy and speed of human resource transactions. Indigo performs HR functions that are buried under a high volume of procedural regulations with greater accuracy and more efficiently than applying human labor to the task. Indigo’s compliance AI provides “soft guard rails” that keep users, whether applicant, manager, or HR, on an invisibly guided path that ensures proper and compliant outcomes.

Indigo automatically generates case files for audits, and status logs track every user, and every action – date and time-stamped.

Avue’s world-class federal occupational database, the only one in the world, ensures that the correct job analysis is conducted to meet the standards set forth by the UGESP.

Compliant Occupational Content: The occupational content is engineered down to the task level using an Indigo patented data correlation and content publishing methodology and application. The process complies with UGESP, Merit System principles, prevailing OPM practices, and content validity standards. Indigo’s staff has thousands of years of experience in federal human resources, classification, job analysis, staffing, delegated examining, and employee relations. This deep expertise is applied to the content engineering process.

Compliant Hiring: Indigo flips the federal hiring process to be talent-centric instead of regulation-centric. For example, each applicant completes a preliminary assessment of eligibilities that takes a few minutes. From the results, Indigo’s eligibility AI engine determines which of the 188 federal hiring authorities can be used to hire this individual into the agency, providing an innovative, and yet regulatory-compliant, means of hire.

Compliant Workflow Processes: Indigo’s business process management and workflow use a human-in-the-loop (HITL) process that perfects machine learning by generating analytics and reports, including cycle time analytics, that inform business process innovation and labor optimization. Indigo’s workflow constructs, over time, the real business process by tracking and reporting on process steps, user roles, conformance, deviations (skipping steps or inserting steps), and cycle time by step and user role. The workflow also ensures that “soft guard rails” keep users, regardless of role, compliant with regulation, and at the same time, allows for deviations that are tracked and reported. These analytics inform the HITL process of examining policies, procedural requirements, regulations, and external factors to optimize HR operational performance. Indigo workflow includes parallel process steps to avoid artificial backlogs and provide a more accurate picture of the cycle time and labor effort burn.

Compliant System Security: Avue’s Embedded Services include ongoing cybersecurity updates and upgrades of Avue’s FedRAMP-authorized platform (Moderate baseline since 2015) so that it remains fully and strictly compliant with the cybersecurity standards of FISMA and NIST and exceeds Federal and Department of Defense security standards as well as maintaining its FedRAMP and agency authorizations with cybersecurity upgrades through Avue’s proactive program

Avue adheres to all statutory, regulatory, and OPM-dictated policy requirements for both the Legislative and Executive Branches which includes Title 5 and Excepted Service agencies and positions. New initiatives, such as Cyber Excepted Service, the NICE Framework, veterans hiring, disability hiring, and Hiring Process Reform initiatives, are all incorporated into the rules engines embedded within the Avue platform, which is also enhanced based on the requirements of these program areas.

Case law and agency-unique union agreements, appeal decisions, and internal policies are also incorporated via system changes or enhancements or by the agency via the Avue System Administrator role.

Indigo by Avue’s firm-fixed-price subscription is a solution set guaranteed compliant with all applicable statutes, regulations, and policies that will include everything needed to achieve success for your agency.