Avue Technologies has created, enhanced and maintained — over more than 30 years — a fully integrated database of occupational information and data required to establish and provide AI and robotic process automation (RPA) classification systems and services to Federal agencies. It’s the only one in the world.

The occupational content is engineered down to the task level using Avue’s patented AI for data correlation and content publishing methodology and application.  The process complies with Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, Merit System principles, prevailing OPM practices, and content validity standards.

Indigo by Avue supports Title 5, Title 10, and Title 38 classification as well as alternative pay systems such as pay banding.  In Avue, you can create positions that are mixed series, mixed grade, supervisory, team leader, interdisciplinary, senior level, senior executive, and trainee/Pathways. 

This high-quality, content-validated, and integrated occupational database covers 100 percent of the Federal occupations found Government-wide as well as occupations individual to Avue’s agency clients.

Avue’s AI engine ensures compliance with all governing OPM rules, regulations, and best practices along with specific agency and/or Departmental policies configured for each client.  Position descriptions conform to OPM’s Standards of Adequacy and each position generates an OPM-compliant Evaluation Statement.

Applicable classification system rules and requirements are embedded in the Avue occupational content, and incorporated into the Avue rules engine to accurately determine and document the classification of positions in accordance with the applicable classification and compensation system requirements and standards used by the agency.

Indigo by Avue is classification- and pay system-agnostic with the rules and requirements covering a variety of different classification and compensation systems incorporated into Avue and configured for applicable agency use. Multiple classification systems including Factor Evaluation System and Federal Wage System, as well as a variety of pay banding, market-based pay, and pay for performance systems can be accommodated in the system, either for agency-wide implementation or for single agency organizations, with variances in rules and processes configured to the individual user, location, occupation, or organization mission.

Each major duty and task is correlated to the KSAOCs, performance requirements, applicant assessment criteria, FLSA exemption criteria, employee development activities, training courses, certifications, and licenses that apply.  By virtue of this patented database, all the features and functionality in Avue is made possible. 

Position-related content is provided turn-key in the Avue database and made available immediately upon contract award. Any additions, customizations, or new development required for a specific organization are engineered from a wide variety of data sources. These sources include: existing position descriptions, master position records, vacancy announcements, crediting plans, individual development plans, position management policies, appropriate internal guides, and any special related policies or guidance – including governing appeal decisions, court decisions, and/or union requirements that apply to human resource issues to customize the occupational content. In addition, content development, editing, customization, or refresh efforts may include onsite desk audits, focus groups of subject-matter experts, work observation, occupational studies within the client organization, and interagency occupational studies.