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Avue AI Assigns Proper Title, Series, Grade, Pay Plan For You


Avue Indigo Position Classification and ManagementCreate, document, and classify positions in 15 minutes to one hour – shaving months of cycle time. Avue’s AI ensures built-in compliance, reliability, and consistency across the enterprise. AI focuses on the transaction, so you can focus on creating a dynamic, adaptive, and agile workforce management strategy.  Get online and create and classify positions immediately upon activation of your subscription.

The Four Cs of Classification

Indigo by Avue’s Position Classification and Management (PCM) insures core cognitive and behavioral competencies that create the best job fit, and ensure workforce agility and elasticity, thread through job architecture, classification, career journeys, performance, accountability, and continuous re-skilling and learning.

PCM includes the Four Cs of Classification:

  1. Design Positions to Market Compensation
  2. Architect Careers Based on Core Competencies
  3. Compliant with the Merit System & Law
  4. Cornerstone for Other HCM Processes
Position DNA: Building a position in Indigo

PCM supports PD development by managers, HR liaison staff, and HR professionals.  As duties are selected for the position, Avue’s artificial intelligence (AI) classification engine automatically assigns the proper title, pay plan, series, and grade – all on the fly.

Users are prompted to provide data when required and are provided multiple avenues to add information to the position to better define it.  Managers may, for example, define KSAs and competencies along with certifications and other credentials to perform the work at ideal performance levels.

Know the Genome of Your Agency

The Science of Position & Talent Management starts with understanding the makeup of the workforce and its current productive capacity and costs.  With Indigo by Avue’s PCM you can map the genome of the agency and know the competencies, skills, and capacity of your enterprise.

The Genome of the Enterprise

Avue’s content database makes it quick and easy to create and classify positions.  More importantly, it provides the “gene mapping” of positions across the enterprise.  With each position’s DNA captured as the user selects major duties and detailed tasks.  Each position is efficiently mapped for better position management, leading to more efficient workforce management, budget analysis, and targeted, focused, recruitment that sources a high-quality candidate pool.

Imagine the power of a position management program that sees the DNA of positions. Gene mapping positions across the enterprise provides greater understanding of who does what, where, and at what cost.

Enterprise Position Management

The Art of Position & Talent Management is in developing workforce strategies & tuning business operations to fulfill requirements within your constraints.  Indigo by Avue’s PCM supports every element of position management, including tracking and monitoring authorization levels and staffing plans. PCM’s Enterprise Genome is a data-driven means of creating strategies to mitigate risk and build an agile, responsive, and robust workforce.

Position Classification

Whether you’re implementing a traditional position management or manpower program or initiating a new strategy for creating a flexible and agile workforce, you’re miles ahead with Avue’s DNA-level position mapping and the genome of your enterprise on your screen.  Nothing supports data-driven strategic workforce development better.

An Avue Position File Automatically Creates Documents for Each Position Based on the Duties Selected and the Job’s Classification.

For each position developed in PCM, other core human resource documents are generated automatically, and simultaneously, as the Position Description is developed.

Avue’s federal occupational multi-purpose job analysis is at the core of the entire platform and is the cornerstone for many downstream HCM business processes and informs organizational strategies for enhancing engagement, accountability, and continuous learning in the workforce.

PCM Auto-Generated Documents Include:

  • Position Description
  • Position Information (Demographic Data)
  • PD Cover Sheet (OF-8 or Agency)
  • Position Status Log
  • Evaluation Statement
  • FLSA Exemption Determination
  • Position Edits
  • Vacancy Announcement
  • Job Analysis Worksheet
  • Crediting Plan
  • Interview Guide
  • Position Skills Profile
  • Performance Plan
  • Managerial Guidance
  • Individual Development Plan
  • Recruitment Preferences
  • Any Attached Documents